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On Private Software

This was originally posted on my new website , where you can read the full post. Please subscribe to the new feed there to follow new things I write. Private software is software one writes only for themselves and never shares or intends to share. It isn't commercial, because it isn't sold or even distributed at all. It isn't open source, but it shares something in spirit. I write about this in favor, though like all things, on a case by caes basis. I'm coming to really enjoy the idea of private software. Private software made by a person to solve a personal need and none other. It is, at its surface, very contrary to what you might expect Open Source to be about, but in a way I believe it to be a great shining example of the ideals open source comes from. read more at

Jules 0.2 Released

This originally posted to my new site and has been reposted for anyone following my old feeds. Please subscribe to my new website . I've released version 0.2 of Jules today, which is actually the first packaged version released. There are no users other than me, so no care was taken in backwards compatibility and this is less announcing a new verison and more an announcement of the project as a whole. Jules is a static blog generator named after a victorian-ish era literary or intellectual character, because that's a trendy thing to do. (Jekyl, Hyde, Nikola, etc.) The design is flexible and plugin-oriented. Much of the built-in functionality is available through a set of plugins, which creates an architecture very prone to adaptation and customization. One of the major goals (though not yet reached) is template impartiality. Today, Jules is a very capable little static website generator you may find useful for your personal, project, or organization site. You ca

Why I Won'T Be Doing Nanowrimo Anymore

This was originally posted at my new website . Please read it there, and follow my new feed to follow what I write about in the future! I looked forward to it, I planned on it, and I was prepared for it. My outlines were ready, my story was waiting. So, why am I not doing NaNoWriMo this year? Please subscribe to my new feed when you visit the new site!