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PyCarolinas 2012 Registration is Open!

Cross-posted from the PyCarolinas blog Have you been looking forward to grabbing your spot for PyCarolinas 2012? That time is today, as we’re ready to accept registrations for the inaugural event on October 20th and 21st. Spots our limited, due to our generously donated space, to 150 attendees including staff, speakers, and sponsor slots. Don’t hesitate to registration, you might loose your spot. We expect nothing short of a great turn out, our  schedule is fantastic , our  keynotes are prime , and our sponsors are nothing short of  enormously generous . Come out and enjoy the wonderful fall weather in Chapel Hill, NC and what is sure to be the first year of a great tradition! Register today !

I Am Worried About The Future Of Python

This piece was posted to my new website . Python is Great I've been in love with the language for a decade. I feel a connection to the community that has only grown over time, both in numbers and in awesomeness. However, I see difficult times ahead. Not where Python is or where it is going, but places it will always have trouble entering growing in importance. I think we have, as a community, really downplayed the significance of some of our beloved languages shortcomings. I'm concerned about growing areas in software, which are hostile to Python. This is a coincidental, but important direction a lot of focus in software is moving in. Read the full post at my new site and please subscribe to the new feed there.