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Announcement: JournalApp 2.0 is Live

My Month-Project for June 2011 was the 2.0 release of the JournalApp tool I built during PyCon. I'm going to give a quick overview here, but I really hope anyone with the least bit of interest in what I do will go and look for themselves. I also think you should give it a try, but I don't think its for everyone. I think there are ways to sort your thoughts that work for us and we have different methods that will work best for us. This works best for me. If it works for you, great. If not, I hope you find something for you. You can try it out now at . The easiest way for me to summarize it is to just copy-paste the help page right here. Write.   Write  #awesome  things and tag use hashtags to find them later.   Find things by hashtag by typing only the tags you want to search.   #likethis   Have something to do?   TODO:  write todo's in your entries.   DONE:  and click them to check them off.  ALSO:  notice you can use "todo&q