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How To Count Your Day

I have been making an attempt to record my day. I'm doing this for a number of reasons. I want to know how my moods change through the day, when I'm happy or not, when I'm feeling motivated, and when I'm being productive.

To facilitate this, I have a spreadsheet on Google Docs called "Daily Me" and I've built two sheets. One tracks daily and one tracks hourly. This is what I'm tracking.
Daily: When I wake upWeightHow many of my morning exercises did I do?How many of the things I want to do every day did I do? This includes morning pages, sketching, picking up my guitar, reading, and writing.When I go to sleepHourly: MoodWhat am I doing right now?1-10 scales on how happy, depressed, energetic, and motivated I feel at the moment"Productive" which I mark yes or no. I consider being "productive" doing whatever it is I feel I should be doing right then. This is the thing I try to keep in the green and use everything else to improve.You migh…

DeferArgs on GitHub

A time ago I wrote a library called DeferArgs and I used it when I was still in Twisted code every day. I no longer have that fun, but I was reminded of the code and decided to throw it onto GitHub for anyone who cares for it.

An example usage, where foocould take any deferreds and would be called when they all fire.

def foo():
    assert False
def onAssert(error): 
    print "OOPS"     
def onOthers(error): 
def _(r):                                                   
    print "The result was: ", r