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A Conversation About The Tedious Details of Creative Work

I just thought this conversion should be preserved for posterity. ldleworker: indeed I just need to fucking press through the general CSS refactor, then I can go back I really can't stand this for much longer also thanks for helping me figure that out ironfroggy: when i am stuck doing something i dont like that is a required part of the job which I do because of the parts I do like, I think about old school painters as in, pre-photography portraits a painter did so much more than paint, back then. They carved and stained the wooden frames, and they crafted their brushes they mixed paints from powders they ground up from various sources to produce the pigment they stretched cloths over the skeleton to make the canvas from hand they build their own easels, even. the point is, we look at "they painted" and we forget how much support work that required, and we're in the same boat. ldleworker: Yeah but at least when they are making their own brushes or carving their