Sunday, September 21, 2014

Oh Captain, My Captain

I know of you, but can I say I know you?
Every time I see you, you wear a mask.
Every time I see you, there is a new mask.
I think you wore those masks so skillfully,
But I have come to notice them slightly askew.
I see with each mask a glimpse of the hidden face,
And I see among all the masks similarities.
You have taught me much in my life.
As a child you taught me fun and carefree joy.
When coming of age, you taught me of identity.
As an adult, you taught me of freeful dignity.
I mourned your loss with those who shared sorrow,
And my pain is not unique but it shouldn’t be,
Because the difference you have made is vast.
The world may mourn your loss in sorrow,
But we will always remember your name with joy.

In memory of Robin Williams

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