Thursday, January 18, 2007

I Am Gullible

I want to announce that I must be very gullible. Should be important to point out that I have never in my life even heard of the website,, and so I had no idea they were a satire news site. With the draconian legislation the MPAA and RIAA try to push on us, is it any surprise that when I then read this article I responded without realizing it was a joke? It simply does not seem past them. Thanks to Jay for pointing out my blunder.

Stupid do me think I is.


David said...

Dude, I fell for it for about ten minutes as well when it was on /. the other day.

I think that it is a sign that I should reconsider my venomous attitude towards the RIAA. Not that i should force myself to like them, but I shouldn't let my disdain for them cloud my thinking.

Just food for thought.

alex dante said...

David, with the RIAA actively going after mixtape producers using the RICO act, I honestly don't think we're being disdainful enough of them and their activities.

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