Sunday, January 22, 2012

ANN: Django Better Cache 0.5 Released

I am announcing the release of Django Better Cache 0.5 today. This release includes a move to sphinx as a documentation tool and a new component, the bettercache.objects module, which provides a lite ORM-like interface for caching data.

Please read the full, but short documentation over at Read The Docs for details on the bettercache {% cache %} tag and the bettercache.objects ORM, and have a much easier time with your caching needs.

Here is just a quick example of the new cache models, from the docs:

class User(CacheModel):
    username = Key()
    email = Field()
    full_name = Field()

user = User(
    username = 'bob',
    email = '',
    full_name = 'Bob T Fredrick',


user = User.get(username='bob') == ''
user.full_name == 'Bob T Fredrick'

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