Friday, May 25, 2007

Hiatus Week Over

I don't know why I needed to take a week break from blogging. Maybe I was getting creatively burnt out, or maybe I just forgot. Getting back into the swing of a habit after suspending it for a while is not easy. I'll ease into it over the next few days, I guess.

I started a silly little multiprocess module aimed at:
  • Very long running jobs
  • Minimal inter-process communication
  • Growth possible to multi-machine
  • Minimal dependancies. Works only with Python 2.5 standard library modules.
You can check out the attempt over at the cheeseshop.

I finally found myself a Javascript library I really like, so that I can move from doing so much back-end centric work to putting some of my interface ideas to work. I've been growing wary of the server-heavy AJAX libraries, like Athena. They are great, but I worry about scaling, long running use of pages holding up connections, user experience when connections are lost, and a whole host of other things. Besides the worries, I'm just plain interested in some other things. I came across some demos, looked at some code and documentation, and really fell in love with jQuery. Great work, jQuery people. Anyone who wants better experiences on the webside need to check it out.

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