Thursday, May 25, 2006

DeferArgs 0.4 (Busy day!)

Continuing discussions in #twisted about the benefits and complaints of my deferargs drove me to add more things and release pretty often today. This is version 0.4. New is tests and ability to move the functionality to the callsite, so you can do this:

def printArgs(*args, **kwargs):
print args
print kwargs
deferargs(printArgs)(10, defer.succeed(20))

Also, and I don't know how useful this will be, you can not define specially handled argument types, such as lists that might contain deferreds. These are optional, and not enabled by default. Lists are the only special type handled so far. Use it as follows:

def printList(l):
print l
printList([1,2, defer.succeed(3)])

I might add dictionaries, sets, and tuples to the next release.

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